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Nick Baggott

I help businesses develop effective CRM and digital marketing strategies. This could be delivered through training, workshops or consultancy. I am one of CIM’s busiest Digital Marketing Course Directors and run courses covering social media, digital strategy, content marketing and marketing communications. I also run a number of courses on segmentation, CRM and data driven marketing. My consulting services cover similar marketing topics.


I have worked in over 50 countries for many of the world’s top brands, including Microsoft, Google, Avon, Vodafone, Carlsberg, GSK and BP and have spoken at marketing events and conferences in Europe, Asia and America. My approach is client led and bespoke. I use the experiences gained from working with these clients to punctuate my training and consulting workshops with relevant stories and examples to bring the theory to life. All training includes case studies from the client’s industry and a practical exercise that uses a real life challenge that the client has in their own business. I strive to be approachable, flexible and open to client suggestions. 


Previously, I was Client Service Director and Founder of Chemistry Communications Group PLC, which was one of the UK’s largest independent agencies, having grown the company from a start up with 4 employees to over 100 people. I left the agency when it was sold to Publicis Group and set up Navigate Consulting Ltd, my own consulting and training business, which has been trading since 2007.

Nick Baggott with Don Peppers of Peppers & Rogers, author of 12 leading marketing books
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