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Recent consulting assignments include helping clients to develop a digital strategy, mentoring agency account managers and developing a content management strategy for an international B2B business.

The benefit of independence is that we can be agile and take on projects from the very small to larger, longer term assignments. In some cases, clients just need someone to facilitate a half day workshop, whereas others need a longer term relationship, guiding a team over the long term. We like to be collaborative and iterative. We can adapt to how clients' work and use your processes. 

Nick Baggott will lead all consulting projects. If additional resources are needed, we can introduce additional independent consultants who have complimentary skills. 

Nick has experience and consulted in many industries, including B2C, B2B and public / not for profit sectors. He has particularly strong experience in technology, FMCG, pharmaceutical, financial services and charities. He has worked in over 50 countries with globally renowned businesses like Microsoft and Google, but much of his consulting has been done with smaller companies who don't have large marketing infrastructures and teams.


We use a series of tools and models, that have been used many times on many consulting projects. These tools are also used in our training courses. For example:

- Navigate's 4 Step Customer Engagement Model (see graphic on this page)

- Navigate's 4 Step Customer Engagement Measurement Tool

- 6 Step Digital Marketing Planning Process

- Segmentation Cube

- Customer Proposition Framework

You can read more about Nick Baggott's CRM & Digital Marketing thought leadership, by reading his blog or following me on Twitter

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