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Navigate Consulting provides world class CRM, data and digital marketing consulting and training services.

Our Clients use Navigate Consulting because they need to understand their customers better, or because they want to improve the effectiveness of their marketing communications, build stronger customer relationships or measure the impact of what they are doing more accurately.

In fact, wherever you want to go, we can help you to get there. 

Navigate Consulting is 100% independent, offering balanced advice and thought leadership. We are not driven by implementing programmes. We don't sell expensive software and typically use the tools that our Clients already have. If you need impartial advice on what tools to use, what processes to implement or how to build your marketing plan, then Navigate can help you.

Our advice is pragmatic and practical. Nick Baggott has spent many years advising clients on their marketing programmes, so we know how to turn CRM and digital marketing theories into practice.

We also understand that sometimes all that is needed is a little guidance, maybe facilitating a workshop, mentoring your leaders, or running a training programme. Whether you need to develop a totally new plan or refine existing programmes, we can help.

Nick Baggott has worked in over 50 countries with globally leading brands like Microsoft, Google, Vodafone, Avon, BP, Diageo, Unilever and HP and has done Conference Speaking in Europe, Asia and USA.


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